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Dental health is a very important part of your dog’s overall health and should not be overlooked. Dental (or periodontal) disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in dogs. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your dog’s teeth and gums checked at least once a year to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 70% of dogs have shown signs of dental disease by the age of 3.

Have your dog’s teeth checked as soon as possible if you observe the following:

  • Teeth that are discoloured or covered in tartar
  • Bleeding from the mouth.
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Loss of appetite
  • Your dog is shying away from you when you touch the mouth area
  • Drooling or dropping food from the mouth
  • Weight Loss

If your dog doesn’t show any these symptoms, we still recommend that you have one of our veterinarians evaluate your dog’s dental health at least once a year. The reason being that, bacteria and food debris can accumulate around the teeth and, if left unchecked, it can lead to deterioration of the soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. This decay can result in such problems as, irreversible periodontal disease and tooth loss. Also, if these issues are not treated promptly they can result in potentially expensive oral surgery.

The Dog Hospital of Brampton is also proud to offer help with showing you how to properly brush your dog’s teeth and we can recommend foods and treats that help combat plaque and tartar build-up.




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