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Every year as the weather warms up pesky critter start to come back to annoy your furry friends.

Prevention is always the best decision as it is much easier and less expensive than trying to get rid of an infestation. Flea larvae can lay dormant in your house for as long as 7 months before hatching and require more products to get rid of than to prevent. It is also extremely uncomfortable for your dog and/or dog (as one can pass it quite easily to the other).

However, be careful with the over the counter products as it is not as safe as the medidogion from your veterinary professional.

Don’t wait for your dog to get fleas, contact your veterinarian for more information and pricing or feel free to contact us and keep your dog healthy and happy!


Author moehaidar_729779m8

Dr. Kendra Long DVM Dr. Kendra Long graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph and has been practicing as a small animal veterinarian until realizing her dream of owning a feline-only hospital. Cats and their owners appreciate a friendly environment free of noisy, barking dogs. Dr. Long’s areas of interest include geriatric medicine, pain management, dermatology, dental care and surgery. Outside the clinic, Dr. Long enjoys traveling, water sports, playing the piano and reading novels. She currently lives in Brampton and has two fantastic, feisty calicos named Gwendalyn and Julia.

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